Why Pregnant Mom Need to Sleep More During Pregnancy

Women need sleep even more during pregnancy than during the any other time in life. Unfortunately, with a baby growing in her womb, getting restful and comfortable sleep can be increasingly difficult.

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The pregnancy pillow was invented to provide women with elusive rest and sleep, throughout the entire length of the pregnancy.

According to those in the health field, women benefit the most from sleeping on their side during pregnancy. Resting in this position allows the most beneficial and consistent blood flow, allowing for unobstructed circulation.

Side sleeping prevents the baby in the woman’s belly from settling too firmly into uncomfortable and dangerous positions. Developing babies can easily press into a woman’s liver, kidneys, and bladder.

Women also experience lower back problems and pain as the ever increasing weight of the woman’s belly and the developing child put excess pressure on the spine and lower back. Women can develop long-term health problems as a result of constant back strain during pregnancy.

The standard methods of women seeking relief from the aches and pains associated with pregnancy can be complicated. Many end up positioning multiple pillows around themselves while trying to rest and sleep.

Pillows have a tendency to slip out of place easily while the woman rests, preventing her from receiving the full benefits of their support, and eventually disrupting her sleep.

The improper placement of pillows in an effort to find comfort can cause additional complications, further the problems the woman has finding restful and restorative sleep. Pillows placed incorrectly can cause muscle strain, spinal issues, and tension headaches.

The myriad of challenges a woman faces in finding good sleep and rest during pregnancy resulted in the invention of pregnancy pillows. These are pillows specifically designed for the needs of pregnant women.

Early versions of the pregnancy pillow focused on providing a woman lower body support. During the early stages of pregnancy, these pillows did often provide relief from aches and pains; however, as the pregnancy progressed, these pillows often failed to continue to give the woman the proper support and comfort she so desperately needed.

As they focused on lower body support, they frequently failed to provide the back, neck and head support necessary in the later stages of pregnancy.

Newer versions of the body pillows for pregnancy support all areas of a woman’s body. Newer versions, like the Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow, support the belly, and also the neck, shoulders, knees and back.

What is the best pregnancy pillow to buy?

These pillows are large and surround the entire body, giving a woman support to all at risks sections of her body during the entire nine months of pregnancy. When choosing one of these pillows, the best pregnancy pillow will really depend on your body and what makes you most comfortable.

For most pregnant women, the final trimester is the most difficult during which to obtain much needed rest and sleep. Finding relief can be frustrating emotionally for women. In addition to the physical aches and pains they’re experiencing, women’s inability to obtain restful sleep can affect them emotionally as well.

A lack of rest and restorative sleep can affect a woman’s mental state, negatively affecting her memory, clarity of thinking, and ability to concentrate.

Ultimately, all of these physical, emotional, and mental effects can also affect the developing baby in her womb. The medical community sings the praises of overall wellness during the course of pregnancy, and the positive effects a woman’s general condition can have on her developing child.

Many women believe their ability to remain calm and relaxed during pregnancy significantly impacts the wellness of the baby even after birth has occurred.

A pregnancy pillow aids not only the woman during pregnancy, but the developing child as well. The better the health of the mother, the better the condition of the baby will be.

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