When you are considering the purchase of an air conditioner, choosing the right air conditioning system is something that should not be rushed; it is something that you definitely need to get right first time.

The first thing to take into consideration is your home and how you use it. If you have a large home you will need a bigger air conditioning unit than a small home (obviously), but there may be rooms which you do not use very often and which do not need fixed air conditioning; in these cases a portable unit will be more cost effective since you can just switch it on for a couple of hours when you need it.

There are different types of air conditioning systems. A split system has a number of advantages over other air conditioners. In this model, there is an outdoor unit which is located on – or close to – the outside wall of the room or area you wish to cool. It contains a compressor, a condenser coil and an expansion coil.

Inside the room another unit houses a cooling coil, an air filter and a blower. The two units are connected by electrical wiring and tubing and there is no ductwork. This can save you money on running costs, because with a ducted system a lot of energy can be lost in the ductwork itself because of heat exchange. These systems are also very quiet since the condenser and the fan – which are the parts which create the most noise – are located outside the room.

You can also have a multi-split system where more than one indoor unit can be connected to the same exterior unit, so you can cool more than one room, or even have two interior units to cool a very large area. The initial cost of these units is going to be more than that for a window unit and it also requires a professional to install it. However, the running costs are low and the units have a long life.

Portable Air ConditionersA ducted reverse cycle unit is similar to a split system in some respects in that there is an outside wall unit connected to an inside unit in the roof space. The inside unit is then connected via ductwork to all of the rooms in the house that have an outlet. A heat pump, consisting of an inside and outside coil connected by a pipe through which the refrigerant circulates, passes warm air over the inside coil which is cooled and then released back into the room or rooms.

These systems can also work in reverse, so that in the winter heat from outside can be transferred via the refrigerant to heat the inside of the house – even if the outside air is below freezing.

A ducted evaporative cooling system utilizes a unit mounted on the roof which is then connected to all the inside rooms via a duct system. In an evaporative system the warm air from inside the house is forced outside with fresh air being drawn in and cooled before being distributed back to the rooms. This is claimed to reduce any problems with smells and/or allergens, since there is a constant supply of fresh air, rather than the same volume of air being recirculated. It is also possible to get a window mounted evaporative unit.

Evaporative units are claimed to have extremely low running costs and to be considerably quieter than some other systems.

Portable air conditioning units have several advantages, not the least of which is that you can move them from room to room as it suits you. If you only need to cool a small room for a couple of months a year they will do the job as well as anything else, and, of course, they don’t need any installation. Simply connect the exhaust up to a window slide unit and you are good to go. They are also relatively cheap to buy in the first place.

Choosing the right air conditioning system is a process that has to take into consideration the size of your home, the number and size of the rooms you wish to cool, your budget (both for initial installation and as regards running costs), and the way in which you use your home. For example, in some instances you may only need to cool two or three rooms with a ducted system, backed up by a portable unit which can service other rooms on the occasions that you use them.

You also need to consider that larger, more expensive equipment will be needed for bigger premises, but the general rule is that the more expensive units have lower running costs. It is most certainly the case that how you use your home is the most important factor to take into account.

Features to Consider When Buying Portable Air Conditioners

There are four large categories of air conditioners: through-the-wall air conditioners, central air conditioners, window air conditioners and of course portable air conditioners. Whilst wall air conditioners are mounted right into the wall, and window AC’s are placed into the window, portable AC devices do not require permanent installation and consequently can be moved from one room to another hassle-free. Due to their small size, portability and maneuverability, these modern AC devices are ideal for apartments, workplaces, small rooms, computer server rooms and Internet cafes.Portable Air Conditioners

When purchasing a portable air conditioner, there are some features you need to consider. Some of the most important are:

– Dehumidifier. With this feature, the AC removes humidity from the air. If you live in a poorly-ventilated home or flat or you suffer with a serious respiratory-related condition, a portable AC with a dehumidifier function is certainly a great investment.

– Reverse Cycle. Some portable ACs on the market allow you to heat a room, not only to cool it. In case you live in an area with extreme changes of temperature, it is wise to choose a portable AC with a reverse cycle feature.

– Remote Control. Another groundbreaking feature that can be extremely helpful is the remote control feature. Switch the AC on and off and control the temperature without getting up from bed.

– Timer. With this feature, you can set your modern portable air conditioner to start operating a couple of hours before you actually get home, so you can walk into a cool room. You can also use this feature to save electricity by turning off the device during cool nights.

How Does it Work?

A portable air conditioner works similarly to other AC devices today. Each unit has a boxed frame which features two sides: hot and cold. Whilst it is true that a movable AC unit does not require to be installed permanently in a certain place, it needs to be vented from time to time. To get a movable air conditioner to work, it has three requirements; an electrical outlet, enough space, and an opening for the hot air which will be emitted.

Top Advantages of a Portable AC?

Here are the top 5 benefits of purchasing a movable air conditioner unit:

1. Low Price. Overall, portable air conditioners are far more affordable than standard window air conditioners. Moreover, they have no installation costs.

2. Saves Time. You will never have to spend your precious time installing a portable AC. As it has minimal or no installation requirements, these devices save you from all the hassles of calling a professional contractor. All you need to do is to find an exit for the exhaust hose and you’re all set up.

3. Portability. Another tremendous benefit of a portable AC is that it can be rolled from room to room with ease. Most of these devices are extremely lightweight and easy to carry, so you can move one all by yourself, without any help from others.

4. Save More Money. Due to its high energy efficiency rating, a portable AC incurs lower operation costs, because you will focus only on specific areas that need to be cooled, not on all the rooms in your house.

5. Extra Features. In addition to cooling a certain area of your house or office, a portable air conditioner comes with several extra features, such as window kit, remote control, dehumidifier, air purifier, fan speed, timer or drip tray. All of these features make it far more useful and reliable in various situations.

What About Your Cars Portable Air Conditioners?

Facts about Car Portable Air Conditioners

Car portable air conditioners may seem like a great idea if the air conditioning in your car is broken. Car air conditioners can be rather costly to fix. However, it would be wise to know the facts about car portable air conditioners before you go looking to purchase one.Car Portable Air Conditioners

Fact #1

Car portable air conditioners are extremely rare. In fact, many people create or build their own or simply just opt for having their engine driven air conditioner fixed. Although having your factory built, engine driven, air conditioner in your car fixed can be costly, it may be more feasible.

Fact #2

There are a few portable car air conditioners made available for purchase. There is the MW1 also known as the MightyKool 3-Speed Personal Air Cooler, which runs on 12 volts. It has the noise level of 59dB, which is rather loud especially if used in a small space like a car. However, it is said to be rather efficient at cooling your vehicle. There is also the KoolerAire which requires for you to purchase a cooler separate from the 12 volt air conditioner itself. There are a few other models out there for purchase too.

Fact #3

Car portable air conditioners usually need water or ice in order to function. Water is more commonly used in dry heat and ice is typically used for more humid areas. Considering that water or ice is needed to make these units function, they tend to need refilling after a few hours depending on how hot it is.

Fact # 4

Some models, like the MW1, may offer flex hose kits which allow for the warm air to be vented out of the vehicle. Typically these are used more for tents, campers, and boats but they can be used in a vehicle as well.

Fact #5

These car air conditioners cost anywhere from $40 upwards to $400. The KoolAire is probably the cheapest of the car portable air conditioners costing around $40. However, you can probably find it for cheaper with a little online searching.

Fact #6

These car air conditioners are only available for purchase online. They aren’t very hard to find but your options are extremely limited.

Fact #7

These units do not have features like a portable room air conditioner. They are fairly simple. They have a fan that blows cool air out. That’s basically all they offer. Their dimensions differ and so does their requirement for water or ice.

If wanting a way to cool your vehicle, you may really want to rethink purchasing portable car air conditioner autozone. It may be easier and more convenient for you to just have your engine driven air conditioner fixed. It all depends on what you expect from a portable car air conditioner, the price you can pay, and whether or not you mind having a portable air conditioner taking up room in your car. To find a solution to cooling your vehicle, you will really have to absorb the facts above and decide what is best for you.

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