7 weeks pregnant ultrasound

A child ushers in a new phase in your life. Pregnancy is something that would change a woman forever. It is an experience or rather it is a journey that a mother embarks upon. It is a journey that takes nine months and after that you get to meet your child. Most first time mothers are very scared of the whole process. This is because; you would be feeling and experiencing things that you have never felt before. The internet is a great resource as it provides sufficient material about a growing child. When you know you are pregnant, the first thing that you must do is consult with a doctor, to confirm the pregnancy.

7 weeks pregnant ultrasound

Once the pregnancy is confirmed, you would be asked to go in for an ultrasound. The ultrasound is an image that would reveal the growth of the fetus inside the womb. The doctor would recommend you to take ultrasound scans at different stages of the pregnancy. This is done to keep track of the growth and development of the baby. The 7 week pregnancy ultrasound scan would show that the baby is about half an inch or 1.25 centimeters long. In layman terms that would be the size of a grape. You would be able to notice the toes and fingers but they would be webbed.

This is a very important stage because the liver is formed and it is also producing a large amount of red blood cells. These cells would work towards forming the bone marrow, and then later form bones. Mothers who go in for the 7 week pregnant ultrasound would be informed about all these changes that are happening. There are some people who tend to worry that their baby has not reached this stage of development even in the week 7. However, growth of the baby completely depends on the way the mother is taking care of herself. The mother has to make sure that she is eating for two people.

At this stage the mother would also start to develop food cravings or aversions. Women who are pregnant tend to eat more food and this is a good sign. The 7 week pregnant ultrasound is just the beginning of a very important phase. Most women do not even have a baby bump until this stage. After this stage the signs of pregnancy would start to show. You would start to experience the normal aches and pains of pregnancy during this phase. You can talk to your doctor about this and take her advice.

Most to-be-mothers panic when they realize that they do not have control over their bladder. You would need to urinate more often. This happens because at this stage the uterus is growing and pressing against the bladder causing you to urinate more often. There are a number of hormonal changes that would also be taking place in your body and this can make you emotionally unbalanced. Do not be hard on yourself if you find that you are having mood swings as it is quite common for pregnant women.

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