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(110* Crore) Bahubali 2 First Second Third Day Collection on Box Office

Posted by Tamanna Bhatia
bahubali 2 first day Collection  :- As we know that Bahubali 2 is one of the most awaited movies of the year 2017. Bahubali 2 is the second part of Bahubali movie franchise. the First movie which was released by the name of Bahubali The Beginning was a Biggest Hit on the Box Office. Now the second part of the movie series is going to release on 28 April 2017. Bahubali 2 movie will release by the name of Bahubali The Conclusion on the Box Office but the movie is getting fame by the name of Bahubali 2. So people are eagerly waiting for the Second part of the Bahubali Movie Series.

Bahubali 2 Collection

Bahubali The Begining got Mouth Publicity because the movie was extremely good and because of it the opening collection of the Movie was not so good but slowly people showing their Interest in the Movie and Bahubali The Begining movie turned into the biggest hit on the Indian Box Office. But Now the second part of the movie is going to release and everyone want to watch this movie earlier days of its release because all have interest in watch the Bahubali Movie. this is the reason that Movie can Make as huge Box Office on the earlier three days of it's release.

(110* Crore)Bahubali 2 First Day Collection

After all the predictions and too much finally, Bahubali 2 movie hit the Bollywood box office and movie gets an overhelming response beyond every prediction. Bahubali 2 movie has set a New Trend and Now Become the Highest opening day collection record having a movie. Bahubali 2 movie has released on 8000 Screen overall in India and this is almost double of the earlier highest screen getting the movie and that was Dangal. Dangal movie was released on 4500 movies but Bahubali Break All the Records. And also the highest first-day collection record was held by the Shahrukh Khan's Happy New Year which was having a collection of 42 crore rupees on Bollywood box office. But Bahubali the Conclusion has collection 110+ from the Bollywood box office on its release day. Bahubali 2 is the first Bollywood movie which collects  100+ Crore from the box office on the first day of its release. 

"Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali" will be answered in Bahubali 2 Movie

Bahubali 2 Can make more than 80 Crore First day

The Pree Booking of the Bahubali 2 Movie has been started and the movie is getting an overhelming response from the Box Office. Almost all the ticket which has available for the pre-booking are almost booked. Bahubali the Conclusion movie is getting the response from all around the India, as well as Overseas pre-booking of the Bahubali 2 movie, is almost done. In north America people are showing very good response towards the Movie So people are booking tickets of the Bahubali 2 Movie. By viewing the response from the people trade experts are saying that Bahubali 2 Movie can make more than 80 Crore Rupees at the first day of its release. As we know that movie is going to release on 6500 Screens and this is the All time Highest screening by any movie in India.

Bahubali the Conclusion First (1st) Day Collection Prediction

Bahubali 2 Movie has a Huge public Intrest because the last part of the movie was ended on the point where everyone want to know that why Katappa Killed Bahubali that was the ending point of the Bahubali the Begining movie. So movie will get a high response from the very first day of it's release. here is have some time in release of the movie so we are going to provide the estimated collection of them movie as per the people Interest.

Bahubali 2 First Day Estimated Collection:- 35 Crore

Bahubali The Conclusion Second Day Estimated Collection: - As per the People Interest Movie can Make 30 Crore from the Second day of Box Office. 

Bahubali 2 Third Day Collection (Estimated) :- bahubali 2 Movie Can make more than 45 Crore from the Third Day on the Box Office of Bollywood. 

Overall bahubali 2 Movie can make more than 110 Crore from the first Weekend of it's release and can become the movie which reach fastest to 100 Crore Mark.


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